Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ladybug shirt

Little Miss Lexi is about to turn one! Liz had me create a shirt to match her 1st birthday theme - ladybugs!!! Isn't it cute?
Shirts similar to this can be ordered for any party theme!

number birthday shirts

As if the face didn't tell it all....
My son recently turned 2. He wore this shirt out to Pottery Barn Kids where they had a storytime. The shirt was a huge hit and I received several orders that day for similar shirts. They are $20 plus shipping....and size number that you would like. This one features an oversized number......in case they souldn't tell from my son's face or his behavior that he is, in fact, 2 years old.


There were a LOT more, and they all said something different! I know the girls will send me sdome updated pictures. They were too awesome!
Hope you have fun ladies!!!